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Wedding Car decoration ideas and Pictures

car wedding decoration ideas with pictures

The choice of the wedding vehicle may seem trivial however it will reveal the style and status you wish to give to your wedding. . The 2 CV or ladybug cars will bring a comic and light touch to your wedding while a vintage car will evoke the elegance of large receptions. Of course, the everyday car could very well be utilized for the procession of the bride and groom ‘and will prove to be in many ways very practical to engulf the voluminous wedding dress. Wedding car decoration ideas presented in this article may help you to solve this mystery on your wedding day.

Consider also the other means of transport (carriage, motorcycle?) Will it be able to transport the bride and groom in a memorable way, as we will see in more detail in this article. Always, that the choice of the vehicle is small or decisive for you, the decoration of car appears virtually indispensable. So to help you in this step, here are some Car Decorations ideas for Weddings in pictures

Wedding car Decoration: The front of the vehicle

Three types of decorating wedding car composition we will discuss here.

Flower compositions

Among the many car decorations, the most common solution is the floral composition to be fixed on the car hood Decoration car wedding floral arrangement pinkwith a cube of oasis mousse with suction cups, which you can buy from your flower shop. The prices of the compositions vary according to the size of the composition and the desired flowers. Count on average 70 to 150.

Another option is to arrange the garlands of flowers diagonally on the hood or disperse along the body. You can use natural flowers or paper flowers that you have made yourself according to this manual . The garland of flowers can be fixed along the windscreen on the hood or climb from the hood to the roof.

If your car has a long hood, you can arrange your bouquet in reverse, with the stems on the side of the windshield and the plume of flowers falling down the hood. Place your car decoration under the sign of humor by hanging flowers on your windscreen wipers.

TIP: Choose the flowers of your floral composition according to your wedding themeDecoration car wedding composition florale.jpg

Exotic theme: Palm leaves, birds of paradise, will be perfect for an exotic theme. Also consider
using voluminous palm leaves that will cover your hood.

Romantic theme: The roses will be ideal for a romantic theme.

Country theme: Add raffia in your compositions, whose strands flying in the wind will bring a touch of lightness. The ivy is another choice to decorate your car. So attach long ivy lianas along the body (from the hood to the trunk) as if nature invaded your vehicle.

Wedding car decoration crown bush lierreAlso think of the wreath of flowers that can decorate the front of the car. Use a crown of oasis moss in which you will prick the stems of the flowers. Then hang the crown with a ribbon. Bet on profusion by creating a kind of floral bush that runs through the hood.

The curve of your car will also be an element to be taken into account in your decoration. You can place floral compositions on the front of the headlights of a 2CV or on the step of a traction.

The heart CompositionWedding car decoration ideas with heart flowers

Among the floral compositions, the heart remains a widespread composition to decorate your car. A beautiful heart fixed on the hood, the bumper or the trunk will sublimate your vehicle on D-Day.

Heart is a symbol of love that helps in decorating wedding car in various ways.

For a romantic theme to wish, the heart of roses will impose itself by its elegance. It can be achieved with fresh flowers stitched in oasis moss or with flowers of paper fixed in a heart of polystyrene. A heart of daisies will also be a nice blink for a theme on Love. 

For themes like wedding, angles or crazy years , surround floral heart with a feather boa. You can then decorate the interior of the heart with plants, flowers or butterflies’

RURAL Theme: In a more refined version, you can opt for a heart of branches with some flowers. Choose soft branches such as willow to sculpt your heart. Use two bundles of branches, each making one sideof the heart. Give the branches the shape of a half heart and tie both portions together with string. This type of decoration will perfectly illustrate a rural theme .

heart flowers car Decoration wedding heart branch

Two ribbons joining on the front of the hood and attaching a small bouquet will make an elegant wedding car decoration. We will also like a floral composition in the form of a crown to be fixed on the front of the car. You can opt for a floral version or a version with branches of foliage. Based on your choice, you can add the garlands of leaves that can decorate the back of the car or the sides.


Modern CompositionsCar Ideas for Weddings decoration of floral quadrille arum

In the spirit of ikebana (art of arranging flowers), car floral compositions rely more and more on decency. Pure line and stripping is the key for this new trend. It consists of a symmetrical steps made of grids of bamboo or wood. They are fixed to suction holes on the bonnet. These compositions will perfectly accommodate flowers with long stems such as arum or strelitzia  which will illustrate a wonderful exotic theme.  The grid itself can play a decorative role in drawing geometric shapes like triangle, ladder etc.

In this modern composition, simplicity is ensured by using these arums plants  placed on the hood of the car. Thanks to the system of suction cup. In more extravagant version, the florist can entangle the flowers together to form a triangle covering the hood.

Car Decorations for Weddings in pictures floral design ball suckerA new floral trend is introduced in which flowers lose their head. Henceforth the flower button is act as itself. Simplicity is guaranteed by aligning a few flower buttons stuck on wedding vehicle hood or doors

Also vary the materials like making a round wooden stand to highlight your floral decorations. To bring a touch of originality, you can decorate the hood of the car of the bride and groom, with polystyrene balls. These balls should be covered with petals , as on this presentation of Candida. The feather brings lightness to your car decoration, combining pink flowers and feathers held by a rigid rod. To cover the hood, a triangular frame covered with flowers will have the most beautiful effect!

The geometric effects will not be outdone for the floral arrangements. Arrangment in shape of arc of circle from the bottom of the hood to the exteriors of the windscreen with tulips or gladioli will give the illusion of a movement effect.

Wedding car decoration with pictures Floral knitting modern

Another modern way of decorating wedding car is using a simple bouquet of roses of rattan stalks making decorative spirals. This will give volume to the floral composition placed on the hood. You can also incorporate rattan balls of different sizes into your compositions. So create a nice falling sheaf on the side of the hood. You can create a tangle of flowers and rattan stalks to decorate the hood of the bride and groom’s car. We will love this original idea which consists of making several bouquets of different diameters that will be fixed on the bodywork with suction cups.

Car Decorations for Weddings in pictures balls + roses

Ribbons and fabrics

Car decoration can never be complete without employing ribbon and fabric. Tulle will be the most practical car marriage decoration Ribbon tullefabric to decorate your car. Its vaporous effect will thus dress up the rear area of ​​your vehicle and the hood. It will combine beautifully with floral compositions.

Hang two thick panels of tulle on the top of the hood and join them on the front (shape of a V) making a big nud. Add twisted branches of the tulle for refined version.

The tulle can also be arranged diagonally, from the roof to the opposite side of the hood, as if the car had its bridal veil. Roses can be hung along the ribbon of tulle. With humor, you can also decorate your car wheels by making small nodes of tulle or ribbon attached to your hubcaps.

The ribbon alone can decorate your vehicle. Thus a simple color ribbon laid diagonally on the hood will accommodate flowers or butterflies stitched with a needle. Also vary the colors and shades of ribbon for creating a rainbow effect. In all simplicity a large cockade can decorate the hood. Tie a piece of tulle across the car from the hood to the trunk through the roof.

Only Ribbon decoration

car marriage decoration in picture tulle knot

If the tulle remains the star of car decorations, other fabrics such as  the non-woven fabric should be used to create strips and decorative knots for your car. Consider also that the mixture of the tissues that can bring most beautiful effect. Thus the presence of a satin fabric, combined with the lightness of the tulle can be a decoration of the most sublime for your hood.

Pleased for its practicality, the bolduc will allow you to make large decorative knots that will highlight your car. You will be able to draw large pieces of fabric that you will re-sharpen knots placed at strategic places like the middle of the hood, the roof or the middle of the boot.  

Ribbon and flower decorationcar marriage decoration ideas ribbon + flowers

To flourish your car, you can add small decorative bouquets on the taut ribbon placed at the same distance from each other. For a more informal effect, you can stretch along the length parallel ribbons on which you will disperse flower heads pinned on the ribbon. This will give the bride’s car the illusion of a flowery train. Also play on the color using several ribbons of different shades. Like this car decoration combining burgundy and yellow ribbons in perfect harmony with the floral compositions arranged on the hood.

The little extras

To personalize your car decoration, feel free to add decorations related to your wedding theme . For example, cuddly toys can represent a theme on childhood or on Walt Disney , feather wings attached to your hood will perfectly match a theme on angels. Fruit or vegetable compositions can illustrate a theme on autumn Or summer, candy sculptures will represent a theme on gluttony. You can even bring a touch of humor by transforming two cars into a married couple, like these two smarts more real than life. Let your imagination speak,

marriage car decoration ideas Humor + romantic

The balls

The balloons are a trendy decoration accessory for the decoration of the car of the bride and groom. You can inflate
them with air or helium. Simple balloons can be attached to the back of the car. You can also choose giant balloons inflated with helium. Make an assortment of balloons in the colors of your wedding.

You can also compose a message using aluminum letter balloons . Tie them to the back of the car. Heart balloons in turn will add the romantic touch to the decoration of the car married. Attach the balloons to ropes that will twirl to the back of the vehicle.

balloons giants heart vehicle decoration for marriage

The wedding car Decoration: The handles

decorating car handle with floral garlandApart from the hood, it is common to decorate the handles and mirrors of the car on the marriage day. To help you
in this step, here are some ideas.

The simple knot of tulle remains a decoration timeless, that you can decorate with flowers and ribbons. You can also buy  pompoms, or tulle cockades for the decoration of the cars of your guests.

For a cheerful and fanciful reception, you can hang small colored bouquets on your mirrorsFor a larger effect, you can surround your flower stem or bouquet detulle or non-woven.

If you like the lightness of the suspended decorations, prefer garlands to hang from your handles, which will fly in the wind during your journey. Flowers, foliage or ribbon will be perfect ornaments to make your garlands.

Here again raffia can be used for an ornament on a country theme . For decoration in the spirit of design, play
sobriety by attaching to your handles a simple flower with long stem (arum for example) using a ribbon of tulle.

For a more refined decoration, you can opt for a suspended composition of white roses  to hang on your rear-view mirror. You will also be able to hang mini-crowns in gypsophile, which you will fix by means of a ribbon.

marriage car Handle knot arum exotic

Bet on the profusion of the ribbon to give a nice fall to your decorations of handles. To illustrate our point, these decorating handle with pink plum
small bouquets of pink hydrangea fixed by different thicknesses of ribbon bring to the decoration of car all its elegance.

Apart from raffia, other materials may be used in the ornamentation of the car. Dream passion had the idea to integrate in twisted wire to its white rose. The pen will be the ornament par excellence for a decoration on the theme of angels . For example, you can use a feather boa to decorate the handles or the rear-view mirror of the bride and groom’s car.

The wedding car: The back of the vehicle

After the front and the handles of the car, it remains only to discover ideas to dress up the back of your vehicle. The trunk will be a suitable ground for decoration. If your car has a flat chest, you can fix a classic or modern floral composition in the tones of your wedding. You will be able to realize with bolduc a node superimposed whose center will be decorated with flowers. Then put this composition on the chest for an elegant effect.

decorating back of wedding vehicle heart cushion ribbon

The tulle once again can draw diagonals on vehicle chest or falling down by forming a V finished by a large knot or a small bouquet of flowers. The tulle can also be used to create a train to the bride and groom’s car. The creators pushed the metaphor up to adorn the front of the car with a crown.

Like this Indian-inspired decoration, your car will be adorned with a thousand colors thanks to multicolored flower garlands. They will thus draw symmetrical patterns highlighting the curve of the car.

garland flower tulle & knot ribbon at back of marriage vehicle

If you want a lighter decoration, you can buy or make garlands of pompons . Let them fall to the ground and these twirling garlands will be of the most beautiful effect when you drive. For a similar effect, you will be able to hang from the body of long ribbons that will fly in the wind.

If it is customary to tie cans to the back of the bridegroom’s car.

Wedding car decoration ideas back pompons ballons

A few balloons will also bring a fresh touch to your vehicle. You can either gather them in the back of the car or sprinkle them along the bodywork. Finally, the eternal cans to hang at the bottom of the body will undoubtedly be a noisy way to announce your wedding. To embellish the presentation you will be able to join some pompoms or even some knots butterflies dotted on the wire.

wedding car decoration with pictures ideas balloons pompons knot butterfly

The bumper

Mostly interior of the car is not decorated for wedding. The only place which is considered is the steering wheel. These roses slipped into the steering wheel will be the must of your wedding deco. You can also decorate the bumper of the car. One can completely cover the bumper with flowers or partially depending upon personal choice. You can also make garlands of flowers slipped on the edge of the bumper.

Decorating wedding car bumber

The placards

What is more suitable to distinguish the car from the bride and groom than other vehicles than a sign or a playcards for marriage vehicle decorationplaycard. The traditional license plate “just married ” is still very much emulated. Be aware that some are customizable .

You will also be able to make your own placard and write your first names, initials or other formulas such as “convoy of happy angels”, “long live the bride and groom”?

For this, a cardboard core covered with pompons , paper roses , petals , feathers will be a decoration quite adequate. Tie a banner just married diagonally. You will of course be able to customize your sign according to your wedding theme. Feather wings will   illustrate a theme on angels perfectly, a beaded border will be perfect for a retro theme, straw will accommodate a theme on the western.

just married playcard for wedding car decoration ideas

You can opt for a simple rectangular sign that you hang to your car by ribbon. For a country effect, circle the wreath of a garland flowers. You will also be able to attach long crepe paper ribbons to the wind.

If you chose a theme about school or gastronomy, a slate will prove an original support for your just married sign. The drop cap will be an innovative way to present the first names of the bride and groom. Cut out each letter in cardboard. Make a hole at the top of each letter that will allow you to thread each letter on the wire. This formed garland will then attach to the trunk of the bride and groom’s car.

You can also print each letter on a cardboard and you will assemble the letters together to form a banner with your message. The banner will then attach like a linen thread. Enter the first names of the married or just married. For a theme about love, what more suitable than these heart-shaped signs surrounded by pompoms.

Double heart playcard for vehicle decoration for marriage

Stickers and markers

Do you like simplicity? So why not write your text directly on your windows. Liquid markers or windows colors tubes will be ideal for writing or drawing on your windows while being able to easily clean them afterwards. You can then customize your car according to your theme by sketching butterflies, musical notes, stars’

Car Decorations for Weddings in pictures sticker and markers

Very popular in interior decoration, stickers are also appearing in the field of car decoration. Without too much abuse, you can decorate your doors or windows with original decorations. Besides, you can also use stickers specially designed to decorate your bodywork.

Finally, if you like to surprise your guests, the paint bomb will be your ally. You can then make graffiti on your car body.

decorating car for wedding with markers and stickers

The final word

The small important detail to take into account before choosing your means of locomotion: the volume of the wedding dress!


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