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Car maintenance tips for beginners


If you want your car to last a long then you should go through these preventive car maintenance tips. This article will explain some basic auto maintenance instructions that help in smooth running of your vehicle and save your car from recurrent failures and expensive repairs.

Car manual Car manual

First is the car manual. It is the most important document to read and know about your car. Most of the people
ignore this. Read it carefully because it contain vital information about your vehicle like recommended fuel and other fluids, life of different components, instructions to operate etc. If this manual is followed strictly, your car will definitely run smoothly for longer periods.

NOTE: One can only follow the upcoming vehicle maintenance instructions appropriately  if car manual is properly read.

Changing Engine oil regularly

Engine oil can be termed as oxygen for engine as its main function is to reduce wear on moving parts. Changing
the engine oil and filter regularly
is very important auto maintenance step which should never be skipped. Engines are very expensive but engine oil is pretty cheap. In modern VVT (Variable valve timing) engines it’s even more important to keep the oil clean.  Dirty oil can clog up variable valve timing cams and it will cost 1000s of dollars to fix them.

When to change the oil?

vehicle maintenance engine oil The exact time when to change the engine oil can be found in car manual however as a rule of thumb, when conventional oil is used, it should be changed every 3000 miles or twice a year. In case of fully synthetic oil, it can be changed after 8000 miles.

Note synthetic oil is three to four times costly as compared to regular one. So the choice is yours

Which oil to be used?

The best choice is the one recommended for your engine laid down in your car manual.

Servicing your automatic transmissionservicing auto transmission

The third most important car maintenance tip is servicing your automatic transmission regularly. In second hand car, it is recommended to change the fluid in transmission every 30k miles. Also if the car have filter, change the filter too.

If you have latest model cars like Toyota Camree, you can find as shown in pic.

It says “it used fully synthetic oil’ so no needs to change ATF under normal driving condition. Unless you live in dusty dry desert, you can leave the transmission alone.


regularly add car coolant Now the next is maintenance of car cooling system.  Coolant should always be clean because dirty coolant can ruin
the whole coolant system. Poorly maintained cooling system can cause severe damage like engine overheat and even blow up. Overheating can damage car sensors and computer system leading to expensive repairs. Particles inside coolant also clog up the tiny openings inside the radiator.

When to change the coolant?

With conventional antifreeze, the coolant needs to be change every three years or every 30,000 miles but lazy and frugal users can use extended life antifreeze. It needs to be changed after every five years of 150k miles. There is not much difference in the price of conventional antifreeze and extended life, so why not to use it.

Battery Maintenance

Now the last important car Maintenance tip we are discussing today is about the battery.

Check battery terminals

Check the battery every once in a while for corrosion on its terminals.  Pick up the terminal covers and see if there’s
any corrosion. Clean it with the brush if there is and then take a can of battery terminal protection spray and spray it all over to seal it.

battery maintenance

If your car battery is not maintenance free, check the acid level as well.

Test car battery voltage

Lastly check car battery voltage with voltmeter twice a year. It’s a simple task and it takes less than a minute. This check is very important in modern cars because everything is controlled by computers. Proper voltages are very important for computers to operate correctly. Improper voltage can cause all types of problems and in worst case, it can destroy electronic components. So check your battery twice a year so that it can be replaced before it can go completely dead and does some serious damage.

For detailed information click battery maintenance for cars.

Type of fuel or gas

Make sure you always use the type of gas recommended for your vehicle. If you are not sure, you can check by opening the cap of your fuel tank as shown in the picture below.

If you follow these car maintenance tips properly, not only your car will run properly but also you will save lots of money.

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