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When to change Windscreen Wipers

when do i need windshield wiper replacement of your car

Worn windscreen wiper blades reduce your vision and can damage your windscreen. For safe driving, we recommend that you periodically check the condition and change windscreen wipers as soon as the blades and rubber of the windscreen deteriorates. Maintenance of windscreen wipers must be included in routine car maintenance. 

Windshield Wiper blade life

Generally, windscreen wiper blades are to be changed once a year. This one-year period can vary greatly depending on the frequency of use and the climatic conditions. In the summer, heat and sun stiffen and damage the rubber. In winter, cold can cause cracking.

How to determine WORN Windscreen WIPERS Blades?

Worn brushes can scratch your windscreen, lessen the road visibility (especially at night, through fog or fine rain). The driver can be distracted or disturbed f your windscreen wipers make noise or leave marks on the windshield. It is therefore important to pay attention to the level of wear of brushes and rubber of windshield wipers. Windscreen wipers change should not be unnecessarily delayed. Especially as changing wipers is a maintenance operation is really inexpensive!

  • Areas not wiped may be due to:
    • Insufficient pressure of the brush holder
    • High-speed broom lifting
    • A brush pressure on the windshield that is not uniformly distributed
  • Sail on the glass due to:
    • Pollution on the windscreen or on the blade
    • A blade coated by the pressure of the brush holder or hardened by aging or heat
  • Saccades and noise coming:
    • Of the blade hardened by aging or heat
    • From the coated blade by the too strong pressure of the wipers holder
    • Of excessive clearance between the brush holder and the brush
  • Scratches dues:
    • To the rubber blade cracked or torn by the action of frost, heat and weather.

How do I know if I need to change Windscreen Wipers

A sign that does not deceive: When windscreen wiper blades make noise, or they leave traces on the windshield after they pass, it mean windshield wipers needs to be replaced.

If it is the rubber of your wipers is damaged only, you can just replace the blades of your broom. If you notice that your windshield wipers do not conform to the shape of windscreen, the broom has become deformed and must be changed: you must replace the complete broom.

Some windscreen wipers have a wear indicator that makes it easy to detect their degradation.

Tips for extending the life of wiper blades

Wiper blades like other auto parts needs proper maintenance and cleaning. For detailed information, refer to my article proper cleaning and maintenance of windshield wipers. Some of the points are summarized here.

  • The first thing to do is to ensure the perfect condition of the windscreen. Clean regularly to prevent damage to the brush.
  • Use only windshield washer fluid:household products and water are to be avoided as they dry out the rubber of the brooms.
  • In winter, always defrost the windscreen before using the wipers. You may damage the brush motor and tear off the rubber.

How to change Windshield wipers

When the windshield wipers needs replacement, it is not necessary to go to mechanic. It can also be done at home. Follow the video which explains all the steps how to replace windscreen wipers at home.

Maintenance of windshield wipers is mostly forgotten since it is not considered very important part. However driving is impossible without them in rainy weather. Therefore recommend to add its maintenance in your yearly car maintenance list.

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