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How to Recharge Car battery yourself

This article explains two methods of charging car battery at home. How to recharge dead car battery with and without charger? How to make connections? How long it takes to recharge car battery? And some handy car maintenance tips

Instruction for charging car batteries 

Harsh winters can put a slap on your battery- An old battery can no longer hold the charge- Have forgotten your lights on or your car radio- You have a faulty alternator- You were not following recommended car battery maintenance tips. There are numerous factors which could lead to dead car battery. Therefore, every car owner should know how to recharge dead car battery himself.

Start your battery with another vehicle

Step 1 Connect the cablesjump start cables

This method is for those who don’t have a battery charger. However another vehicle and two connecting cables  are required.

  • Position the two cars next to each other, head to head without touching each other.
  • Start the supportive car and leave the engine on. Turning off everything that consumes electricity like car stereo and headlights in both cars.start car with another vehicle
  • Connect one end of black cable to the “-” terminal of the energized battery (battery of supportive car) and other end to the any metal surface in the broken car engine.
  • Then connect the one end of red cable to the “+” terminal of the battery supportive car and other end to the “+” terminal of the broken car battery.
  • Wait a few seconds, then try to start the broken car.

connections for recharge dead car battery with another vehicle

This procedure will not recharge the battery, however provides necessary breath to start the car. It is the rolling action that will recharge the battery.  (if it is not worn, laminated, sulphated, etc)

Step 2 Disconnect cables

Then disconnect the cables in this order:

  1. The red clamp of the broken vehicle;
  2. The red clamp of the repair vehicle;
  3. The black clamp of the broken vehicle;
  4. The black clamp of the repair vehicle.

Caution: Always make sure that the clamps do not touch each other!

Minimum running time to Recharge Car Battery

But be careful, if you just started and 5 minutes or soon after, the engine stops for one reason or another. You will not be able to restart without another vehicle.

This method requires running your car for at least 45 minutes so that battery store enough charge for another startup. In case of breakdown I advise you to drive at least an hour and a half to be sure to be able to restart then. Especially in winters.

The longer you drive, the longer your battery will last.

If you are a beginner so read  jump starting car with pictures before attempting this process.

Charging car battery with battery charger

A battery charger is a handy device that allows you to recharge car battery at home when it is discharged. Some models of chargers in some cases give a second life to your battery. However, if your battery is completely worn out, a charger will not do anything.

To recharge dead car battery with a charger, place your car in a preferably ventilated place.

Caution: do not smoke nearby.

Motor and ignition off:charging car battery with charger

  • Read the instruction manual carefully.
  • Plug the charger red cable clamp into the “+” terminal on your battery.
  • Connect the charger black cable clamp to the “-” terminal on your battery.
  • Connect the charger to the main supply.
  • Wait until all the compartments of your battery bubble up slightly, which takes several hours (minimum 10 hours).

In the case of a normal battery with maintenance, check the level of the water and supplement with demineralized or distilled water if necessary. If you are not sure how to do it click Testing car batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is charging anything at all?

For example, if the battery was discharged by frequent short-haul flights or the start of a load overnight, then you can easily recharge it with a charger and everything is back in order.

If, on the other hand, the battery is already defective or is close to the end of its life, recharging does not make much sense. In these cases the battery must be replaced.

How long does it take to charge a car battery?

The charging time is quite different and depends on the capacity and charge level of the battery and the charge current of the charger. In normal operation the alternator of the car has recharged the battery after a running time of at least 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Charging with a charger usually takes a long time. A typical car battery of a small car takes approximately 10-12 hours until the battery is fully charged.

Is it necessary to remove the battery for charging?

There are now some chargers, which allow the charging explicitly without disconnection. For safety reasons, however, you must disconnect (detach cables from battery terminals) which disconnect car circuit from battery.

Is it possible to charge maintenance-free batteries?

Yes it is possible to charge maintenance free batteries only if not destroyed completely or completed its life.

If your car still does not start 

You have applied the above stated procedure and other self car repair tricks, and sill not successful!!. It means that battery is not taking or storing charge. The reason can be faulty alternator or battery completely worn out. However contact mechanic for detailed analysis of your car.


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