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For beginners: Jump starting a Car

March 18, 2017 noman105 0

Your vehicle’s battery is flat? Do not panic! Because, we are going to show you a very easy method to start your car without being expert of car. This process is generally known as jump starting a […]

How to Recharge Car battery yourself

March 15, 2017 noman105 0

This article explains two methods of charging car battery at home. How to recharge dead car battery with and without charger? How to make connections? How long it takes to recharge car battery? And some […]

How to test car battery at home

March 11, 2017 noman105 0

It may be useful to know how to check car battery properly. It explains useful car maintenance tips to check battery voltage, to check battery terminals and determine battery electrolyte level. In addition, these test gives […]

Essential Car Battery Maintenance

March 10, 2017 noman105 0

This article presents essential car battery maintenance tips. These helps how to control your battery, how to maintain it and methods to extend its life. Maintenance tips include, acid level check, voltage testing, terminal cleaning, prevent […]