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Windscreen wiper maintenance, cleaning and change

proper windscreen wiper maintenance, the right way of cleaning windshield wiper blades

Indispensable companions on rainy days, your windscreen wipers must ensure their role in the harshest climatic conditions. But do you know how to maintain the windshield wipers. Do you know how to extend the life of windscreen wipers? Also how to clean windshield wipers the right way.

This auto Maintenance blog gives you all the information to pamper your windscreen wipers.

Good wipers for all vehicles

Almost all cars have originally good quality of wipers irrespective of model and make. But, they are not as expensive as like other auto parts. Count between 20 and 50 € for a pair of front wipers , no matter whether you have a brand new compact or an old sedan. On the other hand, the prices of rear pair vary a lot, considering the variability of sizes, manufacturers and their specification.

Composition of wiper blades of your car

The wipers of your car consists of 3 main elements that make it possible to wipe your front and rear windscreen:

  • The mounting part (adapter)
  • 2 stiffeners
  • 1 blade

There are 2 types of wipers; Traditional wiper blades and new flat wiper blades. New wiper blades incorporate a spoiler. Thanks to its aerodynamics, the spoiler will maintain the pressure of the blade against the window according to the speed of the vehicle.

Proper Windscreen Wiper maintenance

Maintenance of windshield wipers, its rubbers and motor is often neglected. Nothing very complicated in itself. But these simple little gestures will greatly affect the life and efficiency of your windscreen wipers.

  • Clean the brushes of your brooms regularly (be careful, not new ones!) With hot water, then wipe them with a cloth. Whenever you are washing windscreen of your vehicle, make sure to use proper car wash fluid.
  • If necessary, remove a thin layer of silicone grease from the axes of the brushes to facilitate rotation.

Note:  If the foam washer fluid does not reach your windscreen or even worse, it is probably that the jets of your wipers are clogged or misaligned. You can then try to unclog them by pushing in  a white-heated needle , or orient them correctly by hand . If problem still remains, unfortunately, it is most certainly your washing pump that is out of order and that you need to replace.


  • Hot and cold may affect the quality of the rubber of the brushes.
  • Operating your windscreen wipers on a frosted glass (to go faster), also deteriorates the blade of your brooms
  • On average, you need to change your front and rear wipers every year because of the wear of the blades.

Cleaning wiper blades properly

  • Household alcohol: Clean your wipers with a cloth dampened with household alcohol
  • Antifreeze:  Clean wipers with a sponge impregnated with water with antifreeze if covered with snow.
  • White vinegar: You can also clean the wipers of your car with a cloth soaked in water with white vinegar.

Caution: In freezing temperature, do not add water to the washer fluid, as the fluid may freeze.

Make your washer fluid at home

Make your own washer fluid  by mixing 1/3 of household alcohol with 2/3 of demineralized water.

The signs of wear of the wipers

The best way to check the condition of your windshield wiper blades and brushes is to make a quick visual check. In fact, if the rubber of your brushes is damaged, you will notice it quickly. Nonetheless, there are some clues to draw your attention to:

  • If your windscreen wipers leave marks on your windscreen,
  • If they return in their place by jerky movements.
  • Making noise while slipping on the window,
  • If they slide badly on the windscreen.

If you notice one of these symptoms, please refer to my article how to fix noisy and squeaky wipers. Even after applying the remedies, if they are not fixed, do not wait to change your wiper blades! If nothing appears abnormal, be aware that it is advisable to change its wipers at least once a year, preferably at the end of winter, which is the most trying season for windscreen wipers of your car. If you are not sure when to change windshield wipers, read my article replacement of wiper blades.

Change of windscreen wipers

Annual change or imposed by the condition of the current wipers of your vehicle, there comes a time when you have to roll up your sleeves. No panic, some movements accessible even to non-mechanics and five minutes of your time only, are necessary to change your wiper blades.

The wrapping of new windscreen wipers always contains an installation manual. However you can also find it on your favorite vehicle maintenance site.
  • Lift the wiper arm off the windscreen and place it horizontally (the wiper, not the windscreen).
  • Find the tab on which the arm and the brush snap and unclip it by pressing the tab.
  • Shift the wiper arm so that it is completely removed.
  • Install your new wiper by repeating these steps in reverse order, then do the same with the second, or even the rear wiper.

There you go! You no longer have any excuse for not maintaining or changing your windscreen wipers!

Please follow my article, guide to windshield wipers replacement.

So like maintenance of other vehicle’s parts, maintain your windshield wipers so that

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